Contract Addresses

Addresses of the deployed AxiomV2 smart contracts

Goerli Testnet

The smart contracts for AxiomV2Query and AxiomV2CoreHistoricalMock that use real ZK provers are deployed on Goerli at the following addresses. Queries should be sent to the proxy addresses. (AxiomV2CoreHistoricalMock is live updating using real ZK proofs. Only the proofs for historic Goerli blocks before a certain snapshot block were mocked.)

Mock versions of AxiomV2QueryMock and AxiomV2CoreMock are deployed on Goerli at the following addresses. The mock versions have the exact same contract code and interfaces, but skip the ZK proof verification.

Goerli Governance Addresses

The following addresses control upgrades and pauses to all Goerli contracts listed above.

ContractAddress (Goerli Testnet)

Axiom Guardian Multisig

Axiom Timelock

Axiom Timelock Multisig

The Axiom Timelock Multisig has the PROPOSER_ROLE and EXECUTOR_ROLE for the AxiomTimelock timelock controller. The Axiom Guardian Multisig has the GUARDIAN_ROLE.

On Goerli, the Axiom Guardian Multisig also has the UNFREEZE_ROLE.

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